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Weekly Woo Wildcat Welcome 2023

Happy (almost) move in! :)

Welcome to Willard! We (Exec) are so, so excited to meet you all. Below you will find a guide to our activities for the week and some extra info on what’s going on. There’s a lot of exciting things happening tomorrow, including distribution of some very exclusive, very slayful Willard merch! Please note, though, that you must fill out this survey first. Now that that is done, enjoy your first Weekly Woo and take some deep breaths. You’re gonna do great tomorrow.

To let us know if you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the anonymous Feedback Form or contact any member of exec!

Crash Course

The Weekly Woo: The weekly Willard newsletter with the events for the week. This will be sent every Sunday and can also be found hanging around the building. WFFL: The Willard First Floor Lounge (WFFL, pronounced “waffle”) is the biggest Willard lounge and where a lot of events take place. It has a kitchen (like all floors) and a big common area with seating and a TV. Fireside: Presentations given by faculty, staff, or students (sometimes with the fireplace on). Fellows: Faculty members associated with Willard (including our Faculty Chair Gary Morson and Associate Faculty Chair Christine Helmer). Courtyard: Located just outside the main entrances to Willard. Some events will be held out here when the weather is nice. There’s a chess board, a fireplace, and chairs!

Event Details

Mystery Event: ??? Chicago Trip: Meet in the WFFL! We will take the Metra down to Chicago (approx. cost $6 through the app) and spend some time exploring the city. You are welcome to get food in the city, but will need to cover that cost as well. Sign up here!

Woo. Chat.

Announcements Woochat: This is where members of Exec will send event details and reminders. This is ONLY for Exec members to send messages. If you have anything you want to send, use the casual Woochat. Join here! WOOCHAT But Casual: Need an extra egg? Have a box that you’re never going to use? This is the place to send all your requests and converse with all of Willard. But be conscious: when we say all of Willard, we mean ALL of Willard. (So just don’t spam). Join here!

Follow us!

The best way to stay caught up with Willard news is by reading The Weekly Woo and checking the Announcements Woochat on Groupme!

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