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Solidarity with Survivors

We, the Executive board of Willard Residential College, seek to serve and support all residents and maintain a feeling of security and safety at all times. We strongly condemn the druggings that have occurred at SAE and AEPi, and we condemn the university’s response for its vagueness and lack of legitimately protecting and informing students.


We stand in solidarity with the survivors of these incidents and the survivors of all incidents that have happened in the past, affiliated with Greek life or not. We acknowledge the inherent sexism, racism, classism, and misogyny that lies within Greek life, and we hope that as a residential college, we can work towards an alternative to Greek life that prioritizes survivors and marginalized communities, one that makes Greek life no longer a part of college lifestyle at our university. We are working to foster the sense of community some might seek from Greek life-- a proper sense of community that fosters a space for growth, trust, and safety. 

Here is a short list of resources for support and education. 

Be informed of you Title IX rights  
Supporting a Survivor: The Basics
Petition to Issue Changes in Title IX to Protect Survivors

Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault - Locations in Evanston

Confidential Sexual Assault Hotline - Rainn

Sexual Health

Planned Parenthood Resources on Birth Control, STDs, and more

LGBTQ+ Resources

The Trevor Project - Crisis Line and Guides

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