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Just a few things to know about us!

The Application Process

Is Willard only for freshmen and sophomores?
It’s typically for freshmen and sophomores, but it’s possible for upperclassmen to live here! 

The process for getting into Willard as an upperclassmen is to apply to be a non-resident member, and earn enough points for room selection. 

What are the chances of you getting into Willard as a freshman if you put it as your top choice?
Among the residential colleges, Willard traditionally receives the highest ratio of applicants to available spots, so to be accepted, it is important to list Willard as your top choice. However, don’t let competition discourage you from applying. My best advice: take some time to write a thoughtful RC essay (I know it’s the last thing you want to do in the summer, but it’s definitely worth it). Talk about what makes Willard special to you, and what you have to bring to the community.

Are housing applications done on a first come, first serve basis or is there a deadline and then everyone is put among the same applicants?
As long as you make the deadline, you will be put in the same pool as all the other applicants. Essays are required if you put at least one residential college on your top 5; however, only one common essay is submitted to each of the RCs on your list. Good luck!


What’s the closest Northwestern shuttle stop to Willard?
The closest stop is Sherman/Emerson (right at the corner of Willard).

Does Willard play intramural sports? Should I bring cleats? Shin guards? Sneakers? What’s appropriate?
Yes, Willard does play IM sports. IMs are intended to be very casual–something anyone and everyone can participate in. So don’t go out and buy gear, but if you already have some (and it sounds like you do), bring it along. 

What IM sports do you have?
IM Sports include dodgeball and volleyball in the fall; indoor soccer, basketball and floor hockey in the winter; and ultimate frisbee, softball, and soccer in the spring. 

Why are we so awesome?
Scientists have been debating this issue for years; biologists tend to believe that we are genetically predisposed to be more awesome. They also contest that being in Willard causes a dramatic mutation of the orbitofrontal lobe, which controls social activity, causing Woos to be just plain cooler than others. However, certain psychologists have determined that Woos, when exposed to other Woos, flourish within the community of awesome people. I personally believe that the world has to be in constant balance, and the universe has given us these increased powers of awesome to make up for all the suck that is compacted into Shepard Hall.


Are bed risers allowed?
No, but the beds are adjustable, if you enlist the help of maintenance through the housing portal. 

How large can the mini-fridges be?
Mini-fridges can be 3 cubic feet. 

Does Willard have air conditioning?
Yes! Our newly renovated building is fully air-conditioned and each room is individually temperature controlled with a thermostat!

How often/when are the bathrooms cleaned?
The bathrooms are cleaned daily, but it’s really up to you to keep your bathrooms looking nice (and to keep the custodial staff happy).

Are there paper towels in the restrooms, or just dryers?
Just dryers.…Although you can always bring your own towel.

What are girls’ bathrooms like? Is it hard to find a shower in the morning?
The showers are clean, and I’ve personally never had to wait for a shower. In my experience, the cleanliness of each bathroom varies considerably depending on how well people in that area of the floor take care of their bathroom.

Do we have to pay for laundry?
Nope! It's FREE! We have High-Efficiency washers and dryers on every single floor!

Does Willard have WiFi throughout the building?
It certainly does.

Is the internet connection at Willard fast enough? And if everyone’s using the internet at the same time, does the connection suffer?
The internet at Willard is plenty fast. As far as anyone here knows, there hasn’t been any correlation between internet speed and number of users.

Should I bring a printer, copier or scanner?
There is a printer in the basement of Willard for anyone to use! You can either print from a USB or use cloud printing. Very convenient. 

What channels/shows can you see on XFINITY on Campus if you connect to it?
More than you can shake a stick at. (Unless you can shake a stick at premium channels like Starz and HBO.) The following channels are merely an aperitif to whet your NUTV appetite: NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, ESPN, MTV, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, and Al Jazeera.


What to bring

I'm going to live in Willard! What should I bring?

  • Hangers

  • Bedding and pillows

  • Laundry supplies (hamper, detergent, dryer sheets, etc.)

  • Shower shoes

  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc.)

What does Willard already have?

'Sko Woos!

  • Trash cans and recycling bins

  • Built-in desk lights

  • Air conditioning

willard turtle.png

Wooga  the Turtle

What to Bring
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