Meet Exec!

This is the Willard executive board from Spring 2021 to Winter 2022. Get to know us!



Olivia Alexander

The President oversees Willard, runs Executive Board meetings, aids other members of Exec with their responsibilities, represents Willard on the Residential College Board, and maintains SOFO training.

Olivia (she/her/hers) is a Medill second-year from Little Rock, Arkansas. Her likes include streaming Dominic Fike’s latest album, spending time outdoors, and unsuccessfully attempting to convince fellow Woos to visit her home state. At Willard, she’s enjoyed adding channels to the Woo Slack workspace and hosting sit down DCOM every Friday. When you see her around, make sure to say “Sko Woos!”


Co-Vice President

Ryan Choe

The Vice Presidents are responsible for running Central, Willard's Junior Exec Board, and overseeing programming for Wildcat Welcome.

Ryan Choe (he/him/his) is a second-year from Columbia, Missouri majoring in journalism and minoring in data science. He is one of the Co-VPs of Willard and is so excited to help foster a welcoming, fun and safe environment for all our Woos! A fun fact about Ryan is he plays the cello, and he plans on joining a music group or ensemble once things settle down.  Ryan’s biggest interests and hobbies include watching/following/writing about sports, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, listening to music, and walking to the lake. He is also involved with Korean American Student Association and most notably WNUR Sports Radio, so feel free to ask him any questions about these clubs/organizations! Ryan looks forward to serving our community and can't wait to meet you! Until then, stay safe and 'Sko Woos!


Co-Vice President

Sophie Konde

The Vice Presidents are responsible for running Central, Willard's Junior Exec Board, and overseeing programming for Wildcat Welcome.

Sophie (she/her/hers) is a second-year from Northern Virginia majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Legal Studies. When she’s not procrastinating with baking, she likes ranting about TV shows, confusing her Spotify algorithm, and dying her hair every color of the rainbow. She loves meeting new people, so if you spot her in the WFFL, stop and say hi!



Lauren Gunn

The Secretary creates the weekly Exec agenda, takes minutes at weekly meetings, maintains the Willard Calendar, and manages the Willard Points System.

Lauren (she/her/hers) is a second-year theatre major from Bryn Mawr, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. When not "onstage" (yay Zoom theatre!), she loves taking walks along the lake, exploring downtown Evanston and Chicago, and planning her next Trader Joe's run! You can oftentimes find her in the WFFL and when you do please feel free to immediately engage in in-depth discussions of both charcuterie boards and Timothée Chalamet's artistic career. Lauren absolutely loves the people, spirit, and tradition of Willard and could not imagine calling anywhere else her NU home! 'Sko Woos!



Armaan Ajani

The Treasurer maintains SOFO training, takes charge of all Willard budgeting and financial affairs, and creates Willard's budget along with the President.

Armaan Ajani (he/him/his) is a SESP second-year majoring in Social Policy from Atlanta, Georgia. Armaan enjoys politics, playing pool, making playlists, and trying new foods. Talk to him about Marvel or college basketball, and you'll be his new best friend. If you’re lucky, you’ll see him calling a friend or family member while scooting around the second floor kitchen. Make sure to let him know when you're heading to Coldstone for Thirsty Thursday, so he can play you a song that's just right for the occasion.


Social Chair

Kenny Such

The Social Chairs plan all Willard social events, including Willard Formal, create new events, and help Willard residents bring their event ideas to life!

Kenny Such (he/him/his) is a second-year from Lincolnwood, IL, studying Political Science and Economics. Besides making niche powerpoints about his Tinder experiences, he enjoys playing all sorts of sports and meeting new people. He loves trying new restaurants and is always willing to talk about food, music, and sports. You can find him in the wffl throughout the day. If you ever see him, be sure to say hello!


Social Chair

Jane Clarke

The Social Chairs plan all Willard social events, including Willard Formal, create new events, and help Willard residents bring their event ideas to life!

Jane (she/her/hers) is a second-year from Chicago, IL studying Political Science. If she's not playing euchre in the WFFL, baking bread up in the 4th floor kitchen, or procrastinating homework in Periodicals, you can find her reading or watching a sitcom (recommend new shows and she will be your friend forever). She loves meeting new people- just don't bring up Fran's milkshakes or the Northwestern emails. Please reach out to her if you have event ideas or just want to rant about something!


Fellows Chair

Jacob Platnick

Maintains communication with Willard faculty and fellows, encourages student-fellow interaction, and runs events involving Fellows, like High Table.

Jacob Platnick (he/him/his) is a second-year from Evanston, IL majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics, and is now the fellows chair for Willard. He enjoys playing board games, and is even designing his own game, which you can playtest. You can usually find him at game night and other similar events.


Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Aidan Ocampo

Works to foster an inclusive, empathetic community within Willard that promotes the wellbeing of all students through events and other initiatives.

Aidan (he/him/his) is a second-year student from California studying Environmental Science and Sociology. In his free time, you can often find him watering his plants or skateboarding at the Lakefill. When he’s not in Evanston, he’s probably on a road trip to the nearest National Park. His goal is to meet everyone in Willard - please help him achieve this by introducing yourself!


Food and Fireside Chair

Jen Ren

Recruits Fellows and Willard residents to give Firesides and organize all Munchies and other food-driven events.

Jen (she/her/hers) is a second-year from Maryland studying culinary arts. Jk sadly that wasn’t in Northwestern’s major offerings, so she’s studying journalism & psychology instead (for now). Contrary to popular belief, Jen does indeed attend classes (occassionally), even though you’ll find her in the kitchen @ almost all hours of the day (& there are always lots of extras to share :D). Her favorite activity ever is going grocery shopping (Trader Joe’s = second home), so PLEASE hit her up if u ever want to go on a Trader Joe’s run // need restaurant suggestions // talk about anything food related! when Jen isn’t stress baking, she’s probably binging old disney shows, curating overly specific spotify playlists, or online window shopping. she is currently: in a committed relationship with lake michigan & gets really excited when the sky is pretty colors <3 and if you let her, she will show you a million pictures of her cats!!


Food and Fireside Chair

Hannah Cole

Recruits Fellows and Willard residents to give Firesides and organize all Munchies and other food-driven events.

Hannah Cole (she/her/hers) is a Medill second-year from Overland Park, Kansas. Her hobbies include long walks on the beaches of Kansas and candle-lit dinners. Hannah enjoys audio storytelling and plans to pursue a podcast with Willard President Olivia Alexander about the things they dislike, such as the chain rule and the word “adjourn.” Hannah is excited to serve as one of the Food and Fireside Chairs next quarter, bringing joy and peace to Willard residents through munchies.


Philanthropy Chair

Kaili Wegener

Plans and executes philanthropic and community service events for the Willard community to participate in and coordinates with philanthropic organizations on and off campus.

Kaili (she/her/hers) is a second-year in Weinberg studying political science, international studies, and global health. Kaili enjoys painting, listening to music on her record player, and biking! She is thrilled to be a part of exec and to support local causes as philanthropy chair! Be on the lookout for exciting philanthropy events spring quarter!

Public Relations Chair

Jessica Wu

Publicizes all Willard events to the LISTSERV, social media, and Woochat and designs and sends out the Weekly Woo to remind residents of events and important information.

Jessica Wu (she/her/hers) also goes by Jess, but it doesn’t matter which name you call her because neither one is her real name! Jess is a second-year studying Psychology. She lived in Arizona and questionably Montana before coming to Willard. Jess enjoys arts and crafts and eating meat only in the form of chicken wings. Her pet peeve is people not waving back, but she has poor eyesight, so she might not recognize you when she is not wearing her glasses. If you buy her spicy chicken wings, she might tell you her true identity.

maryar new.JPG


Maryarita Kobotis

A member of the previous Executive Board who serves as a bridge between past and present Executive Boards and advises the Executive Board on matters pertaining to the college.

Maryarita (she/her/hers) is a third-year from Skokie, IL, studying Political Science and Psychology. She is excited to be the Advisor to this year’s executive board after serving as President last year! Her hobbies include knitting and listening to Taylor Swift, but her true passion is graphic design. If on the off chance you see her in the WFFL, feel free to say hi!