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Meet Exec!

This is the Willard executive board from Spring 2022 to Winter 2023. Get to know us!

DSC_2919 - Justin Dong.JPG


Justin Dong


The President oversees Willard, runs Executive Board meetings, aids other members of Exec with their responsibilities, represents Willard on the Residential College Board, and maintains SOFO training.

Justin (he/him/his) is a McCormick second-year majoring in Chemical Engineering from Decatur, Illinois. In his free time, he enjoys going out with friends for boba or dinner, ordering iced hot chocolates from Cafe Coralie, or doing nothing. If you enjoy listening to pop music, find Justin because he's probably up to date on everything pop music. He also plays violin and piano (not Bienen-level though!), so if you want a personal concert, just let him know! It'll probably be Clair de Lune. Be sure to say hi to him, whether if it's to vent (because he will too) or to update him about your day.

IMG_2249 - Anastasia Wei.jpg

Vice President

Anastasia Wei


The Vice President is responsible for running Central, Willard's Junior Exec Board, and overseeing programming for Wildcat Welcome.

Anastasia Wei is an international student from Wuhan, China, double majoring in Physics and Data Science. She is excited to be a part of the Willard family and hope to foster an all inclusive and welcoming for all Woos! She is passionate about hard-core STEM topics, especially physics, astronomy, and math. She is currently under training to become a telescope operator at Dearborn Observatory and doing research in time-domain astronomy. Feel free to reach out to her for all physics/astro/math related questions. In her free time, Anastasia enjoys listening to indie and jazz music, cooking and baking, and going on runs along the lake. If you ever run in to her studying in one of the kitchens, please come by and say hi; she’d like to get to know as many Woos and possible!

DSC_2848 - Tommy Ouyang.jpg


Tommy Ouyang


The Secretary creates the weekly Exec agenda, takes minutes at weekly meetings, maintains the Willard Calendar, and manages the Willard Points System.

Tommy Ouyang (he/him/his) is a second-year from Edina, Minnesota majoring in neuroscience. When he's not speedrunning wordle or running around Willard, his personality traits include having a twin brother, taking chemistry, and inventing dances with his friends. Contrary to popular belief, Tommy actually spends time outside of main library, so if you ever see him, be sure to say hi!

B65E887B-DF20-47A0-A470-43B0EB81A43A - Lauren Escudero.jpeg


Lauren Escudero


The Treasurer maintains SOFO training, takes charge of all Willard budgeting and financial affairs, and creates Willard's budget along with the President.

Lauren Escudero (she/her) is a second-year from Miami, Florida majoring in history. When she's not talking about the 305, she is probably ranting about Marvel, discovering a new sitcom, or listening to her record collection. She is also involved in WNUR Rock Show and NU Feminists, so feel free to ask any questions about these clubs! Her favorite place is the beach, but most days you'll find her studying in the WFFL, so make sure to stop by and say hi!

San Sebastiaìn Fort Photo_edited.png

Social Chair

Sai Thirunagari


The Social Chairs plan all Willard social events, including Willard Formal, create new events, and help Willard residents bring their event ideas to life!

Sai Thirunagari (he/him/his) is a second-year from Dallas, TX, majoring in Learning & Organizational Change and Psychology with a minor in Spanish. He's excited to get to know his fellow Woos and work with the other members of Exec to plan fun weekly social events to foster a strong Willard community. He loves meeting and getting to know people, so say hi if you ever see him sitting in the WFFL or grabbing a bite at Allison! His favorite pastimes include watching movies (he loves getting suggestions to add to his movie watchlist), listening to tons of music (128 albums and still counting, he's always willing to hear your music recommendations), reading, and going out to eat at new restaurants with friends.

IMG_4519 - Kalliope Kobotis.HEIC

Academic Chair

Kalliope Kobotis


The Academic Chairs maintain communication with Willard faculty and associates, encourage student-associate interaction, and run events involving Associates, like High Table.

Kalliope Kobotis is from Skokie, IL. She is majoring in Dance and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences. Outside of class, Kalliope is a member of Graffiti Dancers. Her hobbies include ballet, choreography, and rewatching The Great British Baking Show. If you see her around Willard, tell her about your favorite classes and professors!

B129DB39-B0E7-42AE-9518-921D167B8A4F - Sanjana Rajesh.jpeg

Academic Chair

Sanjana Rajesh


The Academic Chairs maintain communication with Willard faculty and associates, encourage student-associate interaction, and run events involving Associates, like High Table.

Sanjana Rajesh (she/her/hers) is a second-year student in Weinberg from Schaumburg, IL, which is a suburb of Chicago. In her free time, she loves to read, do calligraphy, and take photos of the sky (sunsets & sunrises are kind of her thing). She enjoys discussing politics, and would also like everyone to listen to British girl group Little Mix. Hanging out in the WFFL (which is a wormhole) is one of her favorite Willard activities. She’s excited to connect Woos with faculty and professors around Northwestern!

IMG_5279 - Cecelia Barr.JPG

Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Cecelia Barr


The Diversity and Inclusion Chair works to foster an inclusive, empathetic community within Willard that promotes the wellbeing of all students through events and other initiatives.

Cecelia Barr is a second-year majoring in chemical engineering. She is from Commerce Township, MI (which you may gather from seeing her most likely wearing shorts and crocs once it's 35 degrees outside). She likes to talk about TV shows and music, and has lots to say about things like the fourth dimension and which letters are no longer needed in the alphabet. Above all, she loves taking Willard IM sports too seriously and going to every single Willard event.

599FDDC9-FA68-4063-ADB7-5154FC88B79B - Lauren Kelley.jpeg

Food and Fireside Chair

Lauren Kelley


The Food and Fireside Chairs recruit Fellows and Willard residents to give Firesides and organize all Munchies and other food-driven events.

My name is Lauren (she/her), and I’m a sophomore in Weinberg majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Latin. I love going on hikes (when it’s actually warmish out), reading, cooking (especially chili), and exploring the city! I’m also obsessed with Dune, Star Wars, and horror movies, so please feel free to chat if you share my obsession. Fun fact: I run a secret northwestern gimmick account that no one will ever know about. I’m so excited to be on exec and put on fun events for the community!!!!

2EEB1163-F5D3-4DA1-9FAA-E8BF9C0A6DB5 - J Apollo Whitten.JPEG

Food and Fireside Chair

Apollo Umbra


The Food and Fireside Chairs recruit Fellows and Willard residents to give Firesides and organize all Munchies and other food-driven events.

Apollo (he/him/his) is a second year student from Asheville, North Carolina majoring in theatre and minoring in music technology. He loves pretty much any random niche topic and will talk to you about them for hours. Eurovision, color psychology, art, geography, and food are just a few examples. You can find him lingering around Willard most of the day, if you don't see him there is a serious amount of work to be done. Sometimes you may also catch him bursting out in song and dance in the halls so when you hear the Taylor Swift approaching be prepared. He has a goal of knowing every new Woo so feel free to introduce yourself when you see him... if he doesn't introduce himself first.

IMG_8204 - Morgan Willison_edited.png

Public Relations Chair

Morgan Willison


The Public Relations Chair publicizes all Willard events to the LISTSERV, social media, and Woochat and designs and sends out the Weekly Woo to remind residents of events and important information.

Morgan Willison (she/they) is a second-year studying Psychology, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and Art History. Her favorite spots to study on campus are Deering (in the winter) and by the Lakefill (when it's not -4 degrees) and she thinks everyone should make bad art at least once in their lives. They're also the manager of this website (and the Instagram and the Facebook... you get it) so if you like what you see (or you want to be featured) be sure to let her know! They thrive off of sunlight and making niche playlists and she usually has an extra pencil if you need one. If you see someone taking pictures at a Willard event it's probably her so don't hesitate to introduce yourself!

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