About the Building

Virtual Willard Tours

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An example of what a room in Willard looks like!

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Room Amenities

What you'll find in your dorm room


Natural Light

Each room has at least one big, beautiful window. Students have added curtains or just let the light in!
Typical window size: 60'' wide and 64'' tall

Hardwood Floors.png

Hardwood Floors

Each room in Willard has hard wood floors. They're perfect for moving furniture, they're easy to keep clean, and many students choose to bring a rug to match their decor!

Electronic Keys

All dorms at Northwestern have electronic keys. Rather than add a physical key to your keychain, we just swipe our Wildcards, our Northwestern IDs, for access to our rooms and Willard amenities, like the gym!



Each resident will receive a desk, desk chair, twin XL bed, closet or dresser, wastebasket, and recycling bin in their room.
Typical desk dimensions: 42.5'' wide and 24'' deep
Typical dresser dimensions: 30'' wide and 20'' deep


Building Facilities

What you'll find on your floor



Willard has community restrooms on each floor, and some rooms have their own bathroom in compliance with AccessibleNU. The bathrooms have been recently renovated and are very clean - do not let the word "community" scare you!


Kitchen and Lounge

Each floor in Willard has its own kitchen and lounge area. The kitchens are equipped with a refrigerator, oven, and microwave, and the lounge area has a table and chairs. There's even a television on each floor! This is a great space to find your Food and Fireside Chairs cooking in the wee hours of the morning or to sit and get some homework done!



Each floor also has its own laundry room! Every laundry room has multiple washers and dryers so that everyone on your floor can get their laundry done. Here's the best part: laundry in Willard is free!

Special Rooms

Some of our favorite spaces in Willard



The Willard First Floor Lounge, known to residents as the WFFL and pronounced like "waffle," is the large lounge on the first floor of the building. This is also where the first-floor kitchen is located. There's also a huge portrait of Frances Willard herself hanging up on the wall, ominously looking over everybody all the time. 


The Collab Room

Located in Willard’s basement, the Collab room is perfect for anyone who wants to get work done but doesn’t want to cross the frozen tundra to Main in the dead of winter. You can work with friends and use the whiteboards provided in the rooms as you desperately try to remember the argument Hobbes makes for the human state of nature. The Collab room is full of plenty fun chairs you can doze off in while trying to study for your chemistry midterm.


B06 - The Small Seminar Room

Located in Willard’s basement right next to the stairs in the Great Room, B06 is a small seminar room perfect for that study group you organized that inevitably ends up getting no work done. There are some whiteboards, plenty of desks, and even a TV you can use for your watch party of The Bachelor.

Outdoors and Nearby


Fire Pit

Weather permitting, Willard residents have the opportunity to get lit. There is a big fire pit right outside of the building where the dorm hosts events, or students may just sit around the fire with their friends.


Downtown Evanston

Willard Residential College is the closest dormitory to downtown Evanston. Walk outside the building, and you're at Lou Malnati's. Cross the street to get to Starbucks, Colectivo, Kung Fu Tea, CVS, Target, and a weekly farmer's market in the fall and the spring! They have everything from large department stores to a little psychic boutique, and so much delicious food.