What is the points system?

Everything you need to know.

Why do we earn points?

Like every residential college on campus, Willard has a points system. This is used to determine housing eligibility for residents for the following year.

How do I earn points?

It's super easy! You can earn Willard points by attending events, including anything from Movie Nights, to Munchies, to events hosted by our lovely RAs!

Most Willard events are worth 2 points each, but RA events are worth 5 points each!

How many points do I need to live in Willard next year?

You have to earn 40 points to be eligible for housing in Willard next year. This might sound like a lot, but it's super easy to get there! We usually have 3-5 events per week, so if you attend at least a few events here and there every quarter, you'll make the cutoff!

Why do points matter?

Besides granting you housing eligibility for Willard next year, the more points you earn, the earlier you can pick your room during room selection! So if you want to try for the legendary mega-double (I heard it has a staircase!) or to get that nice single on the fifth floor, start counting your points!

I'm a non-resident. How do I earn eligibility to live in Willard next year?

In order to become eligible to live in Willard next year, non-residents also have to earn 40 points. Because you have to reapply to be a non-resident each quarter, you could get this done over one quarter or multiple quarters.

How do I know how many points I have?

That's easy! You can check the Willard Points Record. Here's a link!