These rooms are Willard collaboration spaces often used for meetings and events. B06 is a small conference room perfect for that RA meeting. B72 is a classroom and also a meeting space for larger clubs.


Willard maintains a calendar with all events for the month. It’s in the basement. It’s cool. Our secretary has neat handwriting, so that’s a plus.


This weekly mid-afternoon event gives every college student what they so desperately need: coffee. And also free food. Residents can enjoy conversation enhanced with cookies, cheese platters, and other snacks.


Located in Willard’s basement, the Collab room is perfect for anyone who wants to get work done but doesn’t want to cross the frozen tundra to Main in the dead of winter. You can work with friends and use the whiteboards and butcher paper provided in the rooms as you desperately try to remember the argument Hobbes makes for the human state of nature.


We have one. You should contribute to the fabric of democracy and read it.


Willard’s Executive Board takes charge of creating all dorm events, ensures the dorm runs smoothly, and tries to make sure all residents are happy with the Woo-Shack life. If you want a full description of each officer’s job, read the Constitution.


The Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) is a member of Northwestern’s faculty who lives with their family in an apartment attached to the dorm. They host dinners and other events regularly for Willard residents (and they’re super cool!).


The Willard Fellows are faculty members with unique ties to Willard Residential College. They come to events planned by the dorm, engage with Woos, and even host exclusive classes and events for Willard residents.


Each floor has a lounge equipped with a kitchen, perfect if you want to prep a meal but don’t want to leave the dorm. You can often find people baking or just hanging out. The first floor lounge is typically used by all dorm residents, while the other lounges are usually confined to the floor’s residents.


Firesides are presentations given by faculty, student groups, and fellow residents throughout the year. They are hosted in the WFFL next to Willard’s very own fireplace. Topics covered in the past have included “The Incredibles as Free Market Propaganda” and “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Guano but Were Afraid to Ask.” Anyone can host!


It’s how Woos connect their computers to the TV-- all around the building (which has so, so many TVs), but mostly in the first floor lounge. Just please, please don’t put it by the fireplace when the fire is on. Things can melt.


This bi-weekly event presents Woos with the opportunity to grab lunch at a nearby dining hall with Willard’s fellows. Here, you can find Woos making conversation with faculty members from all different departments.


This phrase informally refers to Central, a group of residents who assist the Executive Board in planning dorm-wide events. Applications go out in fall quarter to join the group. In the past, Jr. Exec has put together a dorm-wide game of Assassins, a Bachelor and Bread event where residents eat homemade bread and watch “The Bachelor,” and a bar trivia event.


This event is held every week, and features free food for all dorm residents. Free. Food. In the past, the dorm brought in pizza (Lou Malnati’s vs. Giordano’s), baked goods from Evanston’s own Bennison’s Bakery, Joy Yee’s, and an ice cream sundae bar.


All that is important to Willard. The points. The. Points. You get them for attending events. You need at least 40 to return to the building for another year (super easy to get trust me). The ultimate indicator of social status. Points. Points. Points. We love them points.


Willard competes annually against all of the other residential colleges in RCB Field Day. Hosted on the Lakefill, one could say it’s a hoot and a holler. We always bring our A game, though, so be prepared to win.


There’s an ongoing debate about whether the roof actually exists. Both arguments are convincing, and there are die-hard believers for both sides. Pick a side and help your fellow Woos determine if the roof is, in fact, real.


In this weekly event, the dorm screens two episodes from a sitcom chosen by the residents. Previous series have included “Parks and Recreation” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”


Willard slang for “Let’s go Woos,” this phrase is applicable almost everywhere. A Woo does well on an orgo exam? Sko Woos. We win IM dodgeball? Sko Woos. We ignite a proletarian revolution? Sko Woos.


As a member of Willard Residential College, you belong to the SouthWest Neighborhood, which includes other nearby dorms. The neighborhood regularly hosts events in and around Willard, including Snacks by Southwest, which essentially means free food on Sunday evening.


The Willard First Floor Lounge. The first floor lounge is open to all residents, and you can often hear people in the halls shouting “meet me in the WFFL!” The space is often home to many dorm-wide events, including Waffles in the Wffl, where residents ate Eggo waffles during Reading Week. Although Donkey from “Shrek” may have been referring to the food in his iconic line, “and in the morning, I’m making waffles,” here, you’ll most likely find that any reference to waffles is more likely a reference to the WFFL.


Every year, Willard hosts a super-cool, amazing formal for its residents. Most recently, our formal was in the 99th floor of the Willis Tower. That’s 93 more floors than what Willard has if you include the basement.


This term refers to all of the residents of Willard Residential College. Once a Woo, always a Woo.


At the beginning of the year, all residents join a GroupMe chat for the dorm, known as the Woochat. Here, your social chairs will advertise a lot of events, people will ask if anyone’s seen their sweater, and it will be your primary source of memes related to that inevitable 2:00 a.m. fire alarm.


Woos participate annually in the Woo-Shep Olympics, an afternoon of friendly competition between Willard and its historic rival, Shepard Residential College. Not to flex but we always win, so...


This is the informal name of Willard Residential College. From the Willard archives: “While its origins are unclear, the name has definitely stuck. Past theories have pointed out that the letters can be rearranged to form ‘Oh, ask cow’ or ‘chaos wok.’ We’re not sure what these messages mean, but we are sure that it’s too much to be coincidence.”


Once weekly, Willard screens a movie for all of its residents. These movies are typically standalone movies-- many series are screened in marathon style in a separate event (including the weeklong “Harry Potter” movie marathon). Residents are encouraged to send in movie requests, and we’ve received everything from “Sky High” to the “Bee Movie.”


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