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Weekly Woo Spring Week Three

Go outside, you nerds

Willard News

Hey Woos! The Social Chairs (Margaret and David) are super excited to announce the reward for attending events during Spring Quarter. We know it’s sometimes difficult to find the time to attend, especially since points no longer count for housing, but we hope you will see MUNCHIES VOUCHERS as a fun alternative! These vouchers will allow you to cut the long munchies line at a munchies of your choice in Fall 2023. Vouchers will be distributed by what percentile of spring attendance you fall into. Top point recipient = 5 vouchers, Top 10% = 3 vouchers, Top 25% = 2 vouchers, Top 50% = 1 voucher. Since Exec is expected to be at Willard events, they will not be eligible for Munchies Vouchers. We have a lot of great events planned for this quarter and we hope to see you there!!!

To let us know if you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the anonymous Feedback Form or contact any member of exec!

Event Details

Justice for Keith Lamar Event: Hear about the Keith Lamar, a death row prisoner, and his campaign for justice with Willard and Undergraduate Prison Education Program (UPEP). Anyone is welcome. Willard Walk: Want to take a breath from campus? Bring your munchies outside for a walk around Evanston! We’ll be going down Forest Avenue, a quiet street with lovely houses and a close proximity to the lake. Indoor Farmers Market: We'll take the bus to the Evanston indoor farmer's market at the Evanston Ecology Center. They have packaged food, clothing, made-to-order food, and more.

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