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Weekly Woo Spring Week 7!

Willard News

Help Willard get dressed for Dillo Day: sign up for Dillo Day Door Decorating here! Judging will take place on Wednesday, May 18!

RCB News

RCB Penny Wars are here! In this annual charity competition, we compete against other residential colleges for RCB points in the upcoming Field Day event. All donations from this event go to the American Cancer Society. In order to participate, venmo @NU-Relay detailing whether you want positive points for Willard or negative points for any of the other residential colleges!

RCB is teaming up with ASG to lead a Trash Cleanup in downtown Evanston on May 12th at 4:30 p.m. Refreshments and drinks will be made available. A signup form will be sent out soon!

RCB is hosting a Relay for Life. Relay for Life supports the American Cancer Society, and it is one of the largest fundraising events dedicated to saving lives from cancer. Funds raised help support breakthrough research, 24/7 support for cancer patients, and access to lifesaving screenings. This event will happen on May 13th. Sign up here!

RCB is hosting a Jeopardy tournament on Sunday, May 15th from 2-6pm at Parkes Hall! You can play on a team of 4 with people from your RC, with friends from other RCs, or you can sign up alone and be placed with a team. Refreshments and snacks will be provided, and 1st and 2nd place teams will win prizes! The form closes tomorrow so sign up here now! Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday starts us off with Coffee Hour in the Great Room at 1pm.

That night, head to Journaling Club in the WFFL at 7pm: stop by to read, write, or just do homework!

Wednesday marks the return of a favorite: Niche Power Point Night! At 8pm, hang around the WFFL to give your presentation or watch your friends!

Thursday at 8pm, RA’s are hosting a Friendship Bracelet Making event in the WFFL(reminder that RA events are worth 5 points)!

At 2pm on Saturday, come to the WFFL and grab some munchies (Gnocchi or European snacks) and watch the Eurovision Grand Final Screening!

Also this weekend, get excited for the return of a Willard favorite: Sunday Coffee Hour! At 11am, join us in the WFFL for free food and coffee, the perfect start to a productive Sunday!

Later that night, at 5:15 pm, join our Social Chairs at South Beach for a Beach Day!

Lastly, wish a happy birthday to Nathan Gilbert on Monday, Secretary Tommy Ouyang on Thursday, and Alex Feng on Friday!

To let us know if you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the anonymous Feedback Form or contact any member of exec!


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