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Weekly Woo Fall One

Maybe those Canvas pages will be uploaded before Tuesday…

Willard News

Merch Pickup: There will be two (2) more opportunities to pick up Willard merch this week. Please make sure you (sophomores included!) fill out the Willard welcome survey before you pick up your sweatshirt.

Event Details

Munchies: Soon to be your favorite weekly event! Come enjoy free food from a local restaurant. Contact a Food and Fireside Chair if there’s a restaurant you’d love to see. Crossword Club: Play the New York Time's crossword with your fellow Willardites. We'll project the puzzle and work together to fill it out. High Table: Come to the "Fishbowl" (the glass room next to the pizza) in Allison Dining Hall to eat lunch with Willardites and Willard Fellows. Enjoy this informal way to get to know each other and Northwestern professors/faculty! Sitdown Sitcom: Come enjoy a few episodes of a classic sitcom with your friends in the WFFL. A poll for what we’ll watch this quarter will be sent out in the Woochat soon, so be on the lookout! PB Evanston Project Expo: PB Evanston, another form of democracy, allows people to vote for local programs created by other local residents! One of the programs people can vote on was also co-written by a current resident of Willard! Come to learn more about the community!

Southwest Area Event!

Sunday, 9/24 (8 pm, Courtyard) Snacks by Southwest: You all should be on the Southwest Digest email list from FIR Ben Gorvine, but if you missed it, Snacks by Southwest is a weekly event with free snacks, trivia, and this week a performance by Boomshaka. You won’t want to miss it!

To let us know if you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the anonymous Feedback Form or contact any member of exec!

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