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Weekly Woo Spring Week 4!

Best of luck on midterms!

Willard News

In case you missed it in the chat, Willard Exec is hosting a Spring Quarter Party during reading week! Woos with at least 20 points are invited, and we’ve brought back lots of events this week so start racking up those points!

We’re still looking for people to host firesides this quarter! Fill out this form to let our Fireside Chairs know you’re interested!

Lots of events returning from our brief hiatus (yay)!

Upcoming Events

Starting us off is High Table, Monday from 12-1pm in a brand new location, Plex West!

Next up is Coffee Hour at 1pm on Tuesday in the Great Room (that’s the room by Fran’s with the piano)!

Also on Tuesday, the return of Journaling Club: stop by at 7pm in the WFFL to write or just do some homework!

High Table on Thursday is in the Allison Mezzanine from 12-1pm.

Later that day, at 7pm, Munchies will feature Evanston’s newest all-vegan restaurant: Elephant + Vine! Check it out at 7pm in the WFFL.

Lastly, wish a very happy birthday to Ryan Choe on Monday and David Aguilar on Sunday!

To let us know if you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the anonymous Feedback Form or contact any member of exec!


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The best way to stay caught up with Willard news is by reading The Weekly Woo and checking the Official Formal Woochat on Groupme!

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