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Weekly Woo Spring Week 1!

Hello and welcome to my first weekly woo!! - Morgan :)

Happy first week of Spring Quarter! Hopefully everyone enjoyed their break and don’t forget to get tested at least once this week!

Don’t forget that tomorrow is a Northwestern Monday, meaning you’ll follow your Monday schedule (even though it’s a Tuesday)! Starting Wednesday, you’ll follow your weekly schedule as usual.

We’ve got a fairly short email this week but all your favorite weekly events will be back up and running very soon! Keep an eye out for a survey about coffee hour times for this quarter some time in the next few days.

Upcoming Events

High Table is on Thursday from 12-1pm at Allison Dining Hall in the upper level Mezzanine.

Munchies will be on Friday at 7pm, featuring Samosas! Then, stay in the WFFL for Horror Woo-vie Night at 9pm. We’ll be watching Fresh!

Lastly, wish a very happy birthday to Esteban Ortiz, Conner Dejecacion, and Carly Witteman on Saturday!

You might have noticed that things look a little different! I’m still playing around with everything PR-wise so if you have any thoughts, comments, questions, concerns (about this or anything Willard-related!) please fill out the anonymous Feedback Form!


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