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Weekly Woo Fall Week 1!

Good luck with the start of classes :)

Hope everyone’s move in went smoothly!

If you haven’t already, please fill out the Welcome + Diversity and Inclusion survey found here(that includes you returning students!).

Check out all our events for this week and browse event details below:

To let us know if you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the anonymous Feedback Form or contact any member of exec!

Event Details

Merch Pickup: Anyone who did not pick up their free Willard sweatshirt will be welcome to grab one from the WFFL from 5-9pm on Monday! Please complete the Welcome + Diversity and Inclusion survey before picking up your merch.

Surviving NU Fireside: Hear from members of Willard Exec on all things Northwestern! We’ll share our best tips and give you a chance to ask us any questions you might have. Taking place in the WFFL at 9pm tomorrow!

Journaling Club: Drop by the WFFL from 7-8pm on Tuesday to journal, read, sketch, or do some homework! Please bring your own writing materials. Sample journaling prompts will be available if you need a little inspiration :)

Pomodoro Studying: Study alongside your fellow Woos in the WFFL! The Pomodoro technique consists of studying for 25 minute sessions, broken up by 5 minute breaks. Give it a try this Wednesday at 6pm!

High Table: Join Woos and Willard Fellows for lunch in Allison from 12-1! Discuss classes, research, pop culture, or anything on your mind. Look out for more details in the Announcements Woochat.

Munchies: This weeks muchies is featuring 5411 Empanadas! There will be vegan and vegetarian options available. Stop by the WFFL at 4pm on Thursday to try some!

Evanston Farmers’ Market: Interested in exploring Evanston’s Farmers’ Market? Looking for some delicious produce or freshly baked pastries? Meet in the WFFL at 9am or 10:30am (we’re taking two groups to accommodate those of us who like to sleep in!) and a member of Willard Exec will lead the way!


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The best way to stay caught up with Willard news is by reading The Weekly Woo and checking the Announcements Woochat on Groupme!

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