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Weekly Woo Fall Three

Tell me your funniest anecdote from last week.

To let us know if you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the anonymous Feedback Form or contact any member of exec!

Event Details

Titanic’s Improv Show: Watch a free show from one of Northwestern's prominent improv groups! We'll be partnering with Hobart Residential College, so you'll get a chance to meet people at a different res college. Journaling Club: Come journal, work on homework, or hang out in the WFFL and pretend to get work done. Folklore Fireside: This classic Willard event is BACK! Come listen to our Faculty Chair Dr. Morson, previous Faculty Chairs, and Fellows talk about the wacky and wild history of Willard. Yoga: Bring a towel (or a yoga mat if you have one)! POC Affinity Space: This is a safe space for POC students to express their experiences at Northwestern as a student of color. The activity will provide a way to express this experience.

Upcoming Events

Save the date!! Polka Party is a great opportunity to let loose, get wacky, and have fun with Willardites and Fellows. More information about claiming your ticket coming soon.

Student Spotlight

Every week, our Academic Chairs (Ellen and Cate) send a newsletter to our lovely cast of Fellows. If you would like to be highlighted (or highlight a friend) at the bottom of the newsletter, fill out this form.

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