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Weekly Woo Fall Six

Festive! Orange! Happy Halloweek Eve

To let us know if you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the anonymous Feedback Form or contact any member of exec!

Event Details

Door Decorating Contest: Get in the Halloween spirit by decorating your door with Halloween decorations! This is an ongoing event: you have until October 31 to decorate your door. You must send your door decoration to Margaret ( with your full name and room number to get points. On Halloween, we'll vote on our favorite! Swiftie Study Hour: Jam out to Taylor Swift and study with us! Fall treats: provided. Singing: *highly* encouraged. Learning: not entirely required :) Nightmare on Foster Street: Volunteer at the Haunted House at the Fleetwood Jourdain (local) Community Center to scare participants! We will meet at the WFFL. Reach out to D&I Chair Kalaiya Corbin if you need assistance with the CTA fare. Sign up here!

Willard Event

Get ready for your wildest Wildcat dreams to come true. Willard is guarding The Rock! We will be guarding it beginning at 11 am on Saturday, November 4, and ending at 11 am on Sunday, November 5. Sign up for a 2 hour guarding shift here!

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