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We came. We saw. We Formaled.

To let us know if you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the anonymous Feedback Form or contact any member of exec!

Event Details

Poker Night: No money required.

Chess Club: Pull up. Chess.

Volunteer at Hana Center: Join us to go to the Hana Center in Albany Park  Chicago to help sort donations for asylum seekers! CTA Passes and Korean snacks will be provided (more info in the RSVP form). RSVP is required. 

Hana Center is a Chicago-area non-profit organization working to meet the critical needs of Korean, Asian American, and multi-ethnic immigrant communities through various services such as housing and legal services.

Liquor Store Dreams Screening: Liquor Store Dreams offers an intimate portrait of the lives of liquor store owners and their second-generation ‘liquor store babies.’ Using a lens of relationality and solidarity, the documentary opens space for tough intergenerational conversations about immigration, class, race, and mental health. Join us for a screening and candid conversation with filmmaker So Yun Um and Skid Row Peoples’ Market owner Danny Park. We will meet at the WFFL at 6:30 and then walk over to the Block Cinema together.

Movie Night: The Hangover.

Willard Formal Photos!

Willard Formal was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came and made this night one to remember.

Photos by Henry Frieman.

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When did it become Week 8

To let us know if you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the anonymous Feedback Form or contact any member of exec!

Event Details

The Melodramatic Universe of Bollywood Cinema: Are you into romcoms? Action movies? Musicals? Why not all of them at the same time? Come to Prof. Brueck's fireside to learn about Bollywood, the second biggest film industry in the world, and what makes it so unique.

The Prom Watch Party: Come watch The Prom movie musical in preparation for Willard Formal!

The Block Museum Tour: We will be having a tour of the "Actions for the Earth: Art, Care & Ecology Exhibit" at the Block Museum. Because this event is in the middle of the day, we will meet directly at the Block Museum. If you've never been, its entrance is by the Arts Circle and entrance to Norris near MOD Pizza. Feel free to email if you need help finding it.

Willard Formal!: Buy your tickets! Ticket sales close Wednesday, Feb. 21. Some helpful info below (and in emails from the delightful Chloe Mintz).

Price: $15 for Willard residents and nonres, $25 for non-willard affiliated northwestern students (plus fees)

Financial Accessibility: Fill out this form if you are seeking financial assistance to purchase a formal ticket.

When: February 24, 8-10:30

Where: Floating World Events 

How to get there: Willard will provide transportation to the venue, departing at 7:15

Movie Night: We will be watching Judas and the Black Messiah in celebration of Black History Month.

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